Passing of Time

by American Memories

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released December 13, 2014

Recording/ Mastering by Trey Hanawalt, at Lost State Records Headquarters

Recording/ Mastering by Trey Hanawalt, Guest Vox by Daniel Keith from band Portraits on track “Party On Wayne!”


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Above, Below
I'm coming back home
you can break my backbone
and pull out my ribcage
to show me my lungs
and how black i've let them become
from smoking these cigarettes
i tried to forget the feeling
of the fear in my stomach
but it stands tall
it comes with every breath.

and i hate the way
that i was ever born
wish i never
wish i never was

i'm still sleeping off these memories of you
wiping down the walls of this fucking bedroom
burnt down like the candlesticks from last year
i still honestly hate myself

i'm haunted by my own ghost

it's the color of your painted lips
thats running down my fucking fingertips

and i'm scared of where i'll go when i die

when i die
Track Name: Pessimism (Realism)
My consciousness keeps telling me that I'm alive
a tragic misstep in evolution because i just want to die
the dark is comforting it hides my shame
confused about the future, sorry about the man i became

and everything
everything i've done

anything i'll become
Track Name: Haunt
putting mirrors in my eyes
hoping that i can cry
because i'm so dead inside
the workings of a machine
i've apologized
at least a hundred times
why won't you just
why won't you just believe me

it's the way you smile
that tells me that i'm wrong
it's the fake laugh
thats haunted me for so long
now i'm just a fucking ghost
so insecure and obsolete
did you ever call my name
did you ever need me

i'm all alone in this city
all alone in my thoughts
all alone in this city
this loneliness i forgot

how it feels to be alive and scared inside.
Track Name: Party On Wayne!
burning skin from my face
removing scars i'm still ashamed
personal tragedies from last year
getting over these fears

what the fuck am i doing here?
leaving never felt so easy
memories from the summer
of best friends and drinking

and is this all
i'll ever be

a collection of molecules
puking in the kitchen sink

not a worry in the world
how i wish that were true

cause i'm scared of everything
of hurting you

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